Networking Issues due to Internet Backbone Provider Outage

We are aware that a disruption from a major Internet backbone provider has caused networking issues in multiple regions, including SFO1, SFO2, NYC1, NYC2, NYC3, and LON1. Our Engineering team has taken steps to route traffic away from this provider.

SnapBlox users may have experienced issues or bad performance, including significant packet loss, with networking in these regions. While the workaround in place should mitigate these issues, users may continue to experience packet loss until the issue is fully resolved at the provider level.

We’re continuing to monitor the situation, and our Engineers will continue to take proactive efforts to workaround this disruption.


Our Engineering team has routed traffic back to the previously impacted major internet backbone provider, and our Engineering team has confirmed traffic is flowing normally. All services should be operating correctly at this time.

Please open a support ticket if you continue to experience any issues. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience!